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Yasheng Group (OTCQB: HERB) is a U.S. company and conducts business operations in China in three major segments: agriculture, livestocks, and biotechnology. The company specializes in developing, processing, marketing, and distributing a variety of food products processed primarily from premium specialty agriculture products grown in North West China in 6 agricultural segments: field crops, vegetables, fruits, special crops, seeds and poultry. We have been producing our premium specialty agriculture products over 20 years and some of our entities were founded over 40 years ago, to become a top agriculture company in China. Our major customers include world class conglomerates such as Tsingtao Beer, KFC and McDonalds.

Priorities from Yasheng's inception have been to acquire a vast amount of land long-term for large scale industrial agro bases, with the necessary natural resources to provide a long-term infrastructure for people to work these basic ingredients to create high-end agriculture products.

China is a country with a large population and little arable land. China has only 7% of the global arable land, while feeding a fifth of the world's population. The constantly growing population drives great demand for food. In the light of this, China's central government has taken many actions to support the agriculture industry. From 2001 to 2006, China has gradually reduced agriculture tax and ultimately realized tax-free agriculture. The constantly growing demand for food and China's favored agriculture policies present long-term growth opportunities for Yasheng Group.


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